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How does it work?

Qualified and highly trained technicians use special tools to apply pressure to the backside of the dent and gradually push it outwards and elevate it to its original position.

At times, even a bonding tab can be placed directly in the center of the dent to pull it up. Using one of these methods, the dent is repaired seamlessly without any evidence of repair or any disturbance to the finish.

The results are spectacular and vehicle owner no longer has to worry about replacing parts or refinishing the vehicle’s panel surface. In turn, the vehicle value never drops because of hail damage.

This is why PDR is the most viable repair method when it comes to hail damage!


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In the early 1990’s, before paintless dent repair was approved as a viable method of hail repair for vehicles, State Farm conducted a 2 year study with multiple industry leaders on the method of PDR. Before they would co-sign that it was indeed a viable option of repair, they wanted to be sure it caused no damage at the microscopic or structural level and that it did not jeapordize the integrity of the vehicle paneling or safety measures. After the two year study was completed, State Farm concluded that it was the best option if available. Soon after, other insurance companies began to endorse PDR as well.


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