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FAQ – DMG | Auto Hail Repair

  • Auto Hail Repair (DMG|PDR) - Frequently Asked Questions
    The most asked questions regarding our services are listed below. If none of these answer the question you have, please call DMG|PDR Division at 844-227-3DMG (3364).
  • Will I have to pay my deductible in order to get my car fixed?

    No, we will work with you on your deductible. In order to repair the hail damage to your vehicle (or perform Paintless Dent Repair), we will help to ensure that you come out of pocket little to none.

    We know that money can be an issue when have paintless dent removal performed on your vehicle. With that said, we guarantee that your out-of-pocket cost will be minimal (if not zero dollars) for the PDR we perform on your vehicle.

  • Do I have to get my vehicle repaired by a shop my insurance company tells me to go to or suggests that I go?

    The answer is no. By law, where you choose to have your vehicle repaired is fully your decision. In fact, insurance companies have actually gotten in trouble in the past for "steering" business. If you do choose to have your vehicle repaired at a "preferred shop", you will be required to pay your deductible, as the preferred shops are contractually obligated to do so by the insurance companies. Disaster Management Group is just as reputable as any company your insurance company may recommend, the difference is that we cover your deductible and pass the savings onto you, our valued customers!

  • PDR: What is Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)?

    Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is the most non-invasive, eco-friendly, cost effective and viable method of repair available for returning  your vehicle back to factory condition after a hail storm! This process is accomplished by utilizing specialized PDR tools, which depend upon the year, make and model of the vehicle. We use the specialized tools to massage the back of the metal eventually causing it to realign and allowing for the metal paneling to return it to its original undamaged and manufactured state! As a result, your vehicle will look brand new without taking your vehicle to a body shop and having to use bondo, sanding or painting- all of which lower the sale or trade-in value of your vehicle. PDR on the other hand, keeps your vehicle’s value the same as before your vehicle had received hail damage! With PDR, there is no sanding, heating, dry ice or painting involved! If you ever choose to sell your vehicle or trade it in for a new one: A. You will not have to worry about paint matching issues or replacing parts B. PDR will not devalue your vehicle in any way C. PDR is the right method of repair for you!

  • How Does Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) Work?

    Our highly qualified and trained technicians use special tools to apply pressure to the backside of the dent and gradually push it outwards and elevate it to its original position. At times, even a bonding tab can be placed directly in the center of the dent to pull it up. Using one of these methods, the dent is repaired seamlessly without any evidence of repair or any disturbance to the finish. The results are spectacular and the vehicle owner no longer has to worry about replacing parts or refinishing the vehicle’s panel surface. In turn, the vehicle value never drops because of hail damage. This is why PDR is the most viable repair method when it comes to repairing hail damage!

    The 1990’s Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) Study

    In the early 1990’s, before Paintless Dent Repair was approved as a viable method of hail repair for vehicles, State Farm conducted a 2 year study with multiple industry leaders on the method of PDR-some of which we have had the privilege of training under. Before they would co-sign that it was indeed a viable option of repair, they wanted to be sure PDR caused no damage at the microscopic or structural level and that it did not jeopardize the integrity of the vehicle paneling or safety measures/devices. After the two year study was completed, State Farm concluded that PDR is the best option, if available. Soon after, other insurance companies began to endorse PDR as the most viable repair method for hail damaged vehicles. To this day, there is no other method of repair that is better than PDR for fixing hail damaged vehicles!

  • When is Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) Recommended?

    Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is best used to repair damage caused from hailstorms or similar types of dents that may occur due to an object striking the surface of the panel. This method of dent removal is recommended by all insurance companies and is most viable option of repair for dents that have not caused damage to the finish of the vehicle.

  • What if I do not get the hail damage to my vehicle repaired?

    A restriction for "unrepaired damage" will go into effect on your insurance policy; any future claims will be denied until your hail damage is repaired. Depending on the year, make and model of the vehicle, you also take a chance on having an accident, in which case the hail damage and collision damage would be combined, possibly causing your vehicle to become a total loss! Do not risk it!

  • How long do I have to get my vehicle fixed?

    In most cases, insurance checks are valid for 180 days. However, your estimate is based on current labor and parts rates, which are subject to change. Waiting to fix your vehicle will also increase your risk for "unrepaired damage" complications. The whole process from start to finish should only take 1-5 days; don't chance it! Let us handle the headache of dealing with the insurance company and fix your vehicle now.

  • Will filing a claim for hail damage cause an increase in my monthly or annual insurance rates?

    No, filing a claim for hail damage will not cause your rates to increase. With auto insurance, claims are classified into two different categories: A. Collision and B. Comprehensive. Hail damage is considered a comprehensive claim and is considered an act of God, which by insurance standards means the event was out of your control; whereas with collision, in most cases, both parties have a percentage of fault. It is illegal for insurance companies to raise your rates based upon an act of God.

  • What if I do not have rental car coverage?

    Since most cars can be repaired in 1 day, Disaster Management Group will provide you with a shuttle service. If more time is required to fix the vehicle, it is our pledge to you, that we will provide you with a free rental vehicle!

  • What type of results can I expect from Disaster Management Group (DMG)?

    At DMG, satisfaction is 100% guaranteed in writing with our Lifetime National Warranty, which we back all of our work with! Our promise to you is to complete repairs correctly, the first time, everytime! So what do you have to lose? Call us today to save time and money; we look forward to helping you out!

    In the Disaster Management Group DMG | PDR Division, customers can rest assured of outstanding customer service, immaculate repairs completed by highly qualified and experienced PDR technicians, zero out of pocket expense and a lifetime national warranty to back our work. Repairs take 1-5 days and are contingent upon the severity of the hail damage. Let us bring your vehicle back to that showroom look!

    If your vehicle has suffered from hailstorm damage, the DMG | PDR Division is the perfect solution for you. Call 844-227-3DMG (3364) and one of our PDR specialists will be happy to assist you! Thank you for choosing Disaster Management Group for all of your repair needs, we appreciate your business!