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Our Mission

At DMG|PDR, our goal is to provide you with top-notch customer service, with the most cost-effective and high-quality repairs, for all of your Auto Hail Repair needs. In accomplishing all of this, we strive to maintain the highest standards (in all aspects of our Auto Hail Repair business) while utilizing the most up to date repair methods, tools, training, certifications and environmentally friendly methods of Paintless Dent Repair. We are a company founded on the principles of Integrity, Knowledge, Trustworthiness, Altruism and Honesty. This is why we handle the process with Insurance companies from beginning to end for all of our customers. We also give back to both our clients and charitable organizations. We also offer various discounts that other companies do not provide. Our goal is to handle and complete your Auto Hail Repair needs correctly the first time, complete flawless Paintless Dent Repair while holding both ourselves and the Insurance Companies to the highest ethical standards. We do this to make both your world and the world around us a better place while creating peace of mind through our knowledge of the Auto Hail Repair or PDR process.

We know that when a hail storm or any other sort of disaster strikes that it can be overwhelming, time-consuming, stressful and confusing for you to get your life back to normal. For this reason, we have made it our job and goal to handle the entire comprehensive claims and insurance process for you, to get your Auto Hail Damage Repairs completed both correctly and promptly. By doing this, it ensures that you get what you pay for out of your insurance company and also helps us to maintain the status and reputation of industry leaders in the Dallas Ft. Worth market and eventually other markets throughout the United States and rest of the world. The best marketing a company can have is word-of-mouth marketing and with that said 80-90% of our business comes from referrals from happy customers. We don’t want your business just one time; we want to be THE household name across the DFW Metroplex and eventually the globe. We want to be your first thought when hail damage strikes your car, truck or SUV! Our knowledgeable staff will assist you from the start of the comprehensive claims process (opening/starting/filing a new comp. claim on your vehicle… which by the way can not raise your insurance rates) to the finish (Your Vehicle returned with 100% satisfaction of repairs). Hopefully, after the Auto Hail Repair process is complete to your satisfaction, you will refer us (which we have a referral fee for), rate us online and above all else let us know that you’re 100% satisfied with our PDR work. Hopefully, this will allow us to gain your long-term business along with your friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers business as well!

Your satisfaction with our Auto Hail Repair knowledge, process and repairs is our peace of mind and what drives our Paintless Dent Repair business!